Exchange opportunities

If you are a prospective student interested in youth exchanges, here are just some of the organizations and programs that offer internship placements and intercultural exchange opportunities both within Canada and abroad.

Mapping global student flows

A neat interactive map from UNESCO that illustrates the global flows of students in higher education. The United-States is the top destination country for Canadians, followed by the United Kingdom, Australia, and France. Canadian students are clearly drawn to universities in English or French speaking countries in the developed world. This suggests that Canadians are motivated to study abroad to attend institutions of higher education with a reputation for quality of education rather than for the purpose of second language acquisition.  UNESCO map of student flows


Student flows from Canada

“Where do students go to study? Where do they come from? UIS data on the mobility of students shed light on the shifting demand for higher education, particularly in the developing world.”

Governor General promotes intercultural exchanges

While speaking to the media in Vimy this year, the Governor General of Canada advocated for Canadian youth participation in international and national academic exchanges.

Governor General talks of giving Canadian youth chance to spend more time abroad

“I would love to see a situation where a condition of university or college education would be to spend a term or a year abroad not simply as a visitor but on an academic exchange or a work exchange,” — David Johnston, Governor General of Canada

University leaders want more Canadians to study abroad

Study abroad and international student exchanges are gaining more interest within Canadian higher education. Canadian university leaders are recognizing the value of study abroad and international student exchanges. It’s great to see some media attention on this topic in Canada. University leaders want more Canadians to study abroad

“If I had a choice, I’d take the number of students that have a significant international exposure and multiply it by 10 or 20,” — Sean Riley, president, St. Francis Xavier University

“It exposes you, it transforms you, changes you as a person – you never see the world in the same way again,” — Tom Traves, president, Dalhousie University