Youth Transitions in Protracted Crises

After a busy year of multiple contracts, I can finally share a research update from my postdoctoral work at the University of Dundee. The research was part of a DFID-funded project on Youth Transitions in Protracted Crises led by Professor Lorraine van Blerk (Dundee) and Dr. Wayne Shand (Manchester).

As part of my work on this project, I spent the better part of April and May doing participatory research with young refugees in remote camps and urban centres in Uganda and Jordan. Field sites in Uganda included Kampala and Nakivale Refugee Settlement. For Jordan, these included Amman, Zarqa, Jerash Camp and Za’atari Refugee Camp. The young refugees that participated in our study in Uganda were from Somalia and Democratic Republic of Congo, while those in Jordan were from Syria, Iraq and Palestine.

Importantly, the project employed and trained young refugees (15-24 years old), of both genders and from all five countries of origin, as ‘Youth Researchers’ to carry out interviews and surveys among their peers. I worked alongside these Youth Researchers and their participants to collect videos, photos, drawings and stories about their experiences of being refugees in Uganda and Jordan. Based on the data collected, I created a story map for the project that illustrates some of these young refugees’ experiences of growing up in protracted displacement. You can view the story map and find policy recommendations at our project website. These are intended for wide public dissemination, so please do share with your networks.

Youth Transitions in Protracted Crises story map

Story map cover screen shot.jpg