A Veronese exchange

Ciao! I’m finally settled in Verona, Italy, the city of Romeo and Juliet and pretty much everything else Shakespeare and love-related. I’m here as a visiting scholar to teach a Master’s course on Geographies of Mobility, Travel and Tourism, as well as conduct a research project on international student mobility.

Verona historic centre and the Adige River from Castel San Pietro

Verona historic centre and the Adige River from Castel San Pietro

Back in summer 2013 I was invited by a researcher (Caterina Martinelli) to apply for the university’s CooperInt Program. Fast-forward to 2 years later and here I am as a double international student (i.e. a Canadian studying in England and doing an exchange in Italy)!

My research project will explore the experience of exchange students here in Verona, with a particular interest in the role of place, mobility, home and social networks. Currently I’m in the process of contacting interested students to talk about their exchange experience thus far. Having done a few international exchanges or studies myself in France, Brazil, England and now Verona, I’m excited to see how this experience fares to my previous ones and, more importantly, I’m looking forward to learning from a multicultural group of exchange students how the experience compares to other countries, places and groups  such as my Canadian research participants in the Global South. As a qualitative study it will explore central themes around home and social networks through interview conversations with students as well as my own observations and experiences as an exchange student/visiting scholar.

Hopefully in the coming weeks I will find more time to write a longer and more engaging post on my experience! (Spoiler alert! Food and wine will likely be involved).